Murrumbeena Community Art Garden - update


On the day the fence was brought down by the wind, we received a call for help to try and save the artwork.

This was done the following day, when we thought we would have a look at the damage and see what had to be done. Instead were were able to remove all of the tiles and clean them down and store them.  (We being Rotarians and a few artists from GEAS).

Then came the wait as the insurance fixed the fence, then it had to be painted blue as before.  Finally we got the word that we could put the tiles back in place.  As there were a group of us working together we managed to get all the tiles back on the one day.

Originator/co-ordinator Anthony Breslin and some of the artists gave the seal of approval to the refurbished fence.

And we were able to leave the site as very happy people.

It is wonderful to see the Garden and Art work looking so great again.  Have you visited it yet?

It is situated at the rear of the Murrumbeena Uniting Church in Murrumbeena Road, Murrumbeena

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