Author's Name: Faye Kirkwood
Date: Sat 16 Jul 2022

Anthony Breslin's Big Frog Mural Wall 2022

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We, Rotary Club of Caulfield,  encouraged Anthony to make this great gift to Murrumbeena, by supporting him with setting up his paintings for attaching to the wall in Station Street Murrumbeena on the corner of Murrumbeena Road.  The finished wall was officially opened in June, 2021 after being delayed due to Covid lockdowns.  It was too big a project to be carried out at his residence, and the Studio that he used was locked down at the time he needed it..

The opening was at the Murrumbeena Uniting Church, where we had a Smoking Ceremony in the communal gardens there, another great project of Anthony's with a large number of people from Kindergarten age to Aged care residents and everyone in between painting a tile to be attached to the wall. Five totem poles were added to the garden and a lot of artwork on the rear wall of the Church building.

There was also a balloon artist and a face painter for the children's delight.  Some other paintings of frogs and more were also on display and for sale.

We had used Crowd funding to support the project and most donors received a copy of Anthony's Book Brezania or his other book Frantic Bloom or a few different vouchers from supporters of this project.  These gifts were distributed on this day as well.

2022 was when solar lighting was installed, in two sections so that the wall can be seen at night by passers by and also by patrons on the trains across the road as they continue their journey..

end July 2022 update.

Solar lights have now been installed and work in the last hours of the day from Sunset.  This means this great asset will be able to be seen at night and from the trains while at the local station and passing through it.

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