Bee Interest Group meeting


Bee Interest Group meets monthly to discuss the latest events and actions in the world relating to Bees.

We discuss - Bee Keeping in general and specific attention that needs to be given for the Bees,

things that can be done to help the Bees in our gardens, - for example planting plants that are attractive to bees and will give them pollen.  They seem to go for purple, white and yellow flowers.

And also having a container or two out with water - having landing area so the bees won't drown  (pebbles or wood)

We often have honey tastings too.

And currently we are arranging the Honey Festive on 5th July, 2014.

Dates of meetings for this year are  15th April, 20th May, 17th June, 15th July, 19th August, 16th September, 21st October,18th November.

Venue for these meetings is The Meeting Hub, 438 Neerim Road, Murrumbeena

Next door to the Bendigo Bank and opposite the Murrumbeena Station

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