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Rotarians for Bees - the Waggle dance     

Let's do the Waggle Dance!

Did you know that bees have a special 'figure of eight' dance that is done by the honey bee in its hive. By this, a worker tells the others where it has found nectar. It is done to give other bees information about the direction and distance to flowers that have nectar or pollen or both.

Click the image to watch a fun performance.


Art in the Park 2022     

Keep the Date

November 13th, Sunday 2022 will be our next Art in the Park day, with artists painting in Caulfield Park from 10am to 3pm. near the Rotunda.

Here is your chance to see Artists at work from the beginning of a work


Biggest Morning Tea for Cancer support     

On 19th May we held a Morning Tea for  Cancer support

A lovely morning tea was presented for those present.

Great fellowship happened as people joined us

Art of Dance Exhibition     

Dance is performance or participatory art expressed through the human body in motion.  This Exhibition celebrates that art and the art which it inspires - music, choreography, designs for costumes and scenery and the depiction of dance and dancers through photography, sculpture, drawing and painting.

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Cityscape Elsternwick - art in the urban environment     

Come and observe the artists at work in the Elsternwick Plaza and between the Elsternwick Station and Orrong Road.

Get position directions from the Rotary tent.

Children can come and do their own art work too.

If you would like to take part in this great experience, book on 9568 7190 or 0438 774 679 or email

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Alan Kogosowski Concert     

One of two concerts to be held in St John's Uniting Church, 567 Glen Huntly Road, Elsternwick both at 3pm

On 19th June, 2016 we will be holding a concert called "Belle Nuit, Nuit D'Amour"

International Pianist Alan Kogosowski will be accompanied by Emily Xiao Wang (soprano) and Galit Klas (soprano) to entertain us.

Bookings are now open.

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Bees and Elephants     

African Farmers Are Using Beehives To Deter Elephants From Destroying Farmlands

This is a very interesting article on elephants and bees in Africa.

Check out the link for all the details.


First prize honey     

We took a jar of honey from our Rotary Hive to the Beekeepers Club in Doncaster to enter into the Competition.

To our greatest surprise we won First Prize for Suburban Honey.


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Totem Pole painting     

Totem pole painting is a community art project.  This is one of many steps in this art project.

5 poles which had been previously painted blue where decorated by the local community

The day was led by Anthony Breslin who encouraged the group to "let their imaginations fly"


Cityscape Carnegie     

A wonderful day to be had in Carnegie shopping area with Artists spread around the area, on the sidewalk and other places doing their painting.

Come and watch their great work evolving.

9.30 am to 4.00 pm

Sustainable House     

On Sunday, May 25th, a group of 8 of us (including honouraries) from Caulfield Rotary, paid a visit to Sustainable House, in Elsternwick.   See what can be achieved with a lot of thought and careful planning.


Artist's Exhibition Glen Eira     

Members of the Glen Eira Artists' Society Inc., are holding their first major Exhibition at Glen Eira Gallery from Thursday Sunday 19th June to 13th July at the Glen Eira Auditorium, Glen Eira Road, Caulfield, cnr Hawthorn Road.

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Honey Festival     

We are looking forward with joy to the Honey Festival.  There is so much for everyone to enjoy,  Bee waltz and activities for the children (of all ages),, story telling, treasure hunt     Photography compteition, Many bee initiated crafts and products.  Cake stall  honey tastings.

Some hints on making your garden Bee friendly and so much more.

Come and join us in a fun day



Bee Products     

The Honey Bee in Australia is under threat from several different diseases and mites. The Rotary Club of Caulfield is promoting simple steps which urban householders can undertake to assist in maintaining healthy honey bee populations.

There is also renewed interest in individual bee keeping. To enable those interested to learn more, the Club is hosting the Bee Interest Group Meeting.

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