Artist's Exhibition Glen Eira


Members of the Glen Eira Artists' Society Inc., are holding their first major Exhibition at Glen Eira Gallery from Thursday Sunday 19th June to 13th July at the Glen Eira Auditorium, Glen Eira Road, Caulfield, cnr Hawthorn Road. Please put this date in your diary so that you don't miss seeing this wonderful sight.

The idea for the Society was first considered by the Club when it was itself at its lowest ebb with only five members. The Club needed a project which was small enough for a small, but committed group to do and which could have a lasting impact on those for whose benefit the project was undertaken.Those five members had previously been involved with Art Shows presented by the Club, but it seemed that holding an Art Show did not really bring artists together or provide a cultural bond within the local art community. 

Several local artists joined together with the Club for initial meetings in 2008. Lilian Weinberg became the Founding President and in 2009 the Club incorporated the Society with a small seeding grant to cover the cost of Public Liability Insurance, bond and the initial rent for a venue.Staff at the City of Glen Eira helped the Society to find premises at the 4th Caulfield Scout Hall, which is still hired as the main studio for the artists.

The Society has come a long way since those early days holding the Annual Paint In the Park Day followed by an Exhibition and establishing sessions in Figurative Art, Life Drawing, En Plein Air, Mentoring,Studio visits, Portraiture and Art Development. Members have participated in a number of events as their contribution to the community, the most recent being the Glen Huntly Festival.

As membership increases and the scope of art related activities broadens, the Society is now looking for permanent premises. The Rotary Club of Caulfield Inc is proud to maintain its involvement with the Society and this first major Exhibition is very special for both the Society and the Club. It is a poignant time as Lilian Weinberg, Founding President and promoter of the Society had long wanted to see such an Exhibition happen, but passed away recently. Her legacy in art is signicant and will be commemorated by the Society in consultation with Lilian's family.   Heather Welsh

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