Learning to Paint on the Street


Cityscape Murrumbeena 2019

Cityscape Murrumbeen 2019 was our annual event when artists paint in the street for people to be able to see the process that happens for artwork to be produced.

Lots of businesses were involved in this event, with free coffees, vouchers and much more to encourage the artists to keep them involved.

There were lots of childrens activities, including facepainting, balloon man, pictures in a few cafes to be coloured in and Feed Freddie the Frog. 

Bendigo Bank Murrumbeena supplied the use of The Hub for the administrators on the day - the Rotarians and volunteers.

FreshPict was open for sitting for their portraits  which was much appreciated by those modelling and the artists.

There was a band in Neerim Road that has the children hopping around in joy.

At the end of the day the artists gathered in The Hub for a Peer review of all works achieved on the day.

after completing their works they were then displayed in FreshPict and also The Hub window at 438 Neerim Rd, Murrumbeena. 

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