Author's Name: Faye Kirkwood
Date: Sun 26 Jun 2022

District Changeover Awards

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Faye attended District Changeover.

Our Club won two awards and we are very proud:

  • Membership Growth recognition 2022 - Small Club +22%, and
  • Community Service - 3163 Community Care project.

With our 3163 Community Care project, funds put into our care by Bendigo Bank, Murrumbeena, we have been able to assist people in need with school needs support including paying for their computers., food vouchers, home repairs and much more.  this help has been given via another organization eg a school, a plumber and others.

We have assisted a lot of people and District thought this was a wonderful project, as do we.

We were happy to have two new members in the last year join us and we are enjoying meeting and working with them.

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