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Content Item - Art of Dance Exhibition

Dance is performance or participatory art expressed through the human body in motion.  This Exhibition celebrates that art and the art which it inspires - music, choreography, designs for costumes and scenery and the depiction of dance and dancers through photography, sculpture, drawing and painting.

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Photo Gallery - Chinese Dragon Boat Festival Celebrations

Held at the Glen Eira Town Hall on a Sunday morning was a large group of mainly Chinese Senior Citizens and a hand full of dignitaries who after the formalities celebrated by performing many dances which were most enjoyable.

They had a Tai Chi Kung Fu Fan dance, Spanish Paso Doble, Chinese opera, Indonesian Folk dance, Oboe solo, Aisian Dance Troupe, Male Choir, Group singing of Auld Lang Syne and Ode to the Motherland.

A light lunch was served and then dancing began.


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