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Content Item - Bee Interest Group meeting

Bee Interest Group meets monthly to discuss the latest events and actions in the world relating to Bees.

We discuss - Bee Keeping in general and specific attention that needs to be given for the Bees,things that can be done to help the Bees in our gardens, - for example planting plants that are attractive to bees and will give them pollen.

We often have honey tastings too.

And currently we are arranging the Honey Festive on 5th July, 2014.

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Content Item - Bee Products

The Honey Bee in Australia is under threat from several different diseases and mites. The Rotary Club of Caulfield is promoting simple steps which urban householders can undertake to assist in maintaining healthy honey bee populations.

There is also renewed interest in individual bee keeping. To enable those interested to learn more, the Club is hosting the Bee Interest Group Meeting.

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Content Item - Monthly Sausage Sizzles

We have a monthly sausage sizzles outside Prahran Safeway. Locals are used to seeing a Rotary sausage sizzle there each week, and we take our turn once every 4 weeks or so. It does of course rely on the voluntary work of our members. If you're in the area make sure that you come and grab one of our sausages.

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Event - Honey Festival

The Rotary Club of Caulfield Inc will host a Honey Festival on Saturday 5th July, 10am-3pm at Main Hall Koornang Uniting Church, 115-117 Murrumbeena Road, Murrumbeena.

The Club invites prospective participants to indicate their interest as soon as possible. The Club is looking for

• Sellers of goods which have a bee theme, use honey or other bee products in their manufacture

• Community groups which have craft, cards, jewellery, children’s wear, clothing or other products with a bee or honey theme

• Sellers of bee friendly plants

• Sellers of bee or honey based cosmetic or medicinal products

• Sellers of bee-keeping products, including books

• Groups which run bee-keeping training courses

• Sponsors of the event to help fund a real estate agent's board at the venue, promotional flyers and costume hire for someone to dress-up as a bee and distribute honey flavoured candy.

• Donors of prizes for some of the activities

Some planned activities are- • Demo Hive • A display of fruits and vegetables,listing the importance of bees to each • Flower competition. People will be invited to bring a bouquet of bee friendly plants and to tell an audience why they selected those plants. Prize for the bouquet which holds the most number of bee friendly plants • Honey cooking competition • Children's Area with bee related activities eg colouring in pictures of bees Stall fees are free for Rotary Clubs, $20 for community groups and $40 for commercial entities.

The Festival is being run as a community service in furtherance of the Club’s Bee Aware! Project. Please contact the Club by email rotarycaulfield@gmail,com Heather Welsh Bee Aware ! Project Rotary Club of Caulfield Inc.

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Photo Gallery - Hat Day, Australian Rotary health project

We all wore a hat at our meeting today in Honour of Hat Day for Mental Health.

We also wore a hat our BBQ on Saturday where we donated the days taking to this worthy project.

Even a couple of passerbys had hats on, on Saturday (For the races but we thought for us too).

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Photo Gallery - Sausage Art

For the last few months we have had a "sausage artist" on duty at our Barbeques, twice a month.

The Barbeques are held at the rear of Woolworths in Glen Huntly Rd, Glen Huntly.  The second and fourth Saturday of the month 9.30am to 1pm.

We have fun, raise money, collect new toothbrushes and paste, used eye glasses and hearing aides all for charity.

We also inform people about Rotary in General and Rotary Caulfield in particular.


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