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Content Item - First prize honey

We took a jar of honey from our Rotary Hive to the Beekeepers Club in Doncaster to enter into the Competition.

To our greatest surprise we won First Prize for Suburban Honey.


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Content Item - Bee Interest Group meeting

Bee Interest Group meets monthly to discuss the latest events and actions in the world relating to Bees.

We discuss - Bee Keeping in general and specific attention that needs to be given for the Bees,things that can be done to help the Bees in our gardens, - for example planting plants that are attractive to bees and will give them pollen.

We often have honey tastings too.

And currently we are arranging the Honey Festive on 5th July, 2014.

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Content Item - Bee Products

The Honey Bee in Australia is under threat from several different diseases and mites. The Rotary Club of Caulfield is promoting simple steps which urban householders can undertake to assist in maintaining healthy honey bee populations.

There is also renewed interest in individual bee keeping. To enable those interested to learn more, the Club is hosting the Bee Interest Group Meeting.

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Photo Gallery - Prize winning honey

Newly labelled as First Prize suburb honey.

Our plaque and those who look after our bees.

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