Your Opportunity

Rotary originated as a business network when Paul Harris and 4 other businessmen met in an office in Chicago in February 1905. Their common goal was to help each other and to help those around them while the name Rotary came about as they rotated their meeting places each week. Since that time Rotary clubs evolved in virtually all parts of the world, today more than 1.4 million people form Rotary International.

So while Rotary started from a business network it has now become a more diverse organisation having members from many and varied backgrounds. You become part of a business and social network that keeps on giving, creating results for the local, national and international communities while providing you a chance to contribute. 

It's your opportunity to experience the sense of fulfilment, Rotarians enjoy every moment we assist someone. You can participate by offering your time to assist with projects, joining us at a meeting to hear a guest speaker, catch up with other like-minded people, or simply have a desire to be part of this active network, this is your opportunity to be part of a collective effort. Contact us today for more information